How To Install A Bidet Spray To ANY Toilet! Hygienic and Eco Friendly

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25 комментариев на «How To Install A Bidet Spray To ANY Toilet! Hygienic and Eco Friendly»


    I will try to do it by myself

  2. Manish Nawani говорит:

    Hi handyman are you based in canada

  3. Raquel Alzahid говорит:


  4. Omar Siraj говорит:

    the intro sound is not funny. please change it, its disturbing

  5. Liberation говорит:

    Awesome thanks.

  6. YR говорит:

    is that water potable coming from the toilet supply? Since women's parts are inside that water can get in places where I want to make sure it's OK and I won't get sick… LOL sorry but this is a real concern to me. I don't think I would use it on my back side, more on the front. Thank you for the video!

  7. TheOne N Only говорит:

    Please uorup people wash your ass please

  8. Dyski говорит:

    Nice but good luck with the leak in one week ☝🏼

  9. Linda W говорит:

    How long do bidets last? Does a hand-held and one like the Tushy last the same amount of time?

  10. Lilian Ramos говорит:

    Very nice 👍🏼. Explanación. 😍

  11. Jerem Pro говорит:

    Sir,iam very happy if the whole world will use water as an alternative (using bidet sprayer) to replace toilet paper and tissue.😊🙏

  12. Freddie Rivera говорит:

    Thank you !
    You’re so Handsome!
    I love your Videos , very informative & useful,
    Keep up your good work stud !

  13. Carmela Basco говорит:

    It was a big help for me.. I enjoyed watching it 🤗 .. Looking forward for other videos 😁😁

  14. Juhie Verma говорит:


  15. Frank Holland говорит:

    How do you install on a wall hung toilet ? Where there is no cistern on top of the bowl?

  16. Mic L говорит:


  17. Supermale Vitality говорит:

    I lived in thailand and I need one now

  18. Christian Princess говорит:

    What measurements do the T-valve have to be for the average standard toilets in the United States? Is it different state to state? I have a friend who lives in Georgia…and they ordered a bidet with T-valve measurements that say — Female 7/8 — Male 1/2 and Male 7/8 … I don't know how the installation went yet, but when you talked about measurements they were different. Please advise.

  19. Ramesh Balasubramanian говорит:

    Planning on installing a bidet spray and came across your video. I do not need to watch any more as this is all I need. Very well shot video. Thank you.

  20. Thomas Colville говорит:

    This does not work. The pressure is insufficient. I still need a scrubbing brush with a long handle to facilitate removal of shite (sorry cant spell faeces). Congratulations for putting on the thread tape correctly btw.

  21. rocknrollermann говорит:

    no . cant control bidet flow

  22. Daniel Rojas говорит:

    Bidets are awsome! I got mine on ebay

  23. Nawal Essam говорит:

    Hi there,

    I live in Canada BC, and I have been looking for a valve adapter 3/8, 3/8, 1/2 everywhere, but I couldn't find one.

    What can I do in that situation?!

  24. Shrek Ogre говорит:

    I gonna try to do.and see what happen thank you.i I joyed watching your videos😃

  25. Omer Jama говорит:

    how do you get warm water

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